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High 5 Names: Safety

Many times during and after the season I am asked about The Who’s Who in San Antonio High School football. This “High Five” list is a mix of names you could, would and should know for various positions for the scene down in the 210! So here we go!

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Alan Caracheo - '22 - Cornerstone Christian (DEFCON TX 7v7)

Do it all safety, Alan Caracheo at 5 ft, 11 inches, 185 pounds covers ground and comes down hill with the best in the country to bring big hits. His biggest strength may be his ball skills and catching ability. He is a ball shark and Turnover specialist on the defense he hits, rips and strips the football for the Warriors defense. In 8 games 78 tackles (9 for loss), 4 forced fumbles and 4 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. He’s the Cornerstone of this defense (pun intended). He’s the cities top safety in my acclimation.

Esteban Guillory - 22 - Cornerstone Christian (DEFCON TX 7v7)

A versatile Safety who plays close to the line as well as covers well deep for the Cornerstone Warriors, Esteban Guillory can do it all in the secondary. Doesn’t give up on plays and is a as sure as they come tackler in the state. Shows good instincts and capable closing speed on passing or running plays. Possesses great size ( 6ft, 1 inches, and 190 pounds )and frame to add more if need be. There is definitely another level that can be attained in his performance which is scary for opponents next year. A constant worker next season will be a huge one for the upperclassman.

Cibolo Steele , Javon Bejarano
Cibolo Steele , Javon Bejarano (Flo photography)

Javon Bejarano - '23 - Cibolo Steele - (Elite House 7v7)

Definitely in the truest meaning of the position Safety , Cibolo Steele has another solid one in '23 Javon Bejarano. The 5ft, 11 inch, 170 pound, Knight does not let much if anything behind him. He keeps all plays in front of him that go his direction and has great pass break up capability. His most impressive tackles may be on special teams where his gator roll style tacking impresses. Never one to back down from physicality the ball stops in his presence. The end zone will always be a challenge to get in with Bejarano in the secondary for Cibolo Steele Knight opponent for years to come.

Tyler Turner - '23 - Brennan (FVII 7v7)

There’s times when looking at film and the talent just hits you through the screen like...yeah that’s him! That is the feel you get from 6ft, 180 pound, ’23 Safety Tyler Turner. The variance of plays made mixed with speed, physicality and ball skill and catching ability. The Safety had a break out season and shows signs of this being a normal and probable mainstay for his performance for seasons to come. His sophomore season saw him record a 109 tackles, 5 TFL's, 5 Interceptions, 2 pass break up's and school record 24 tackles in a single game.

Harlan High School , Xavier Walton
Harlan High School , Xavier Walton (Xavier Walton)

Xavier Walton - '22 - Harlan (Texas Smoke 7v7)

The 5 ft, 11 inch, 170 pound missile for the Harlan Hawks secondary is a DB on the rise in the San Antonio area. He covers ground with great speed and sacrifices his body on every hit he delivers.He’s got good length and might serve best in double duty with his smooth footwork at Cornerback as well to be an even big wildcard for the Hawks defense. He’s got no fear in mixing it close to the line as well. A great offseason of workouts and competing in the 7on7 circuit with Texas Smoke can bode great rewards in his senior season.

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