BirdsUp - Keys to Victory: Middle Tennessee
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Keys to Victory: Middle Tennessee

The Roadrunners are off to a 2-0 for a second straight year. What are the keys to make that 3-0? 

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Every Play I’m Hustlin’

Last year it took all 37 points for the roadrunners to escape the grasp of an 0-2 Blue Raiders team. This year the Blue Raiders are 1-1 and again face an undefeated UTSA at 2-0. This time at home the Roadrunners will need to maintain their sense of urgency and execution in taking advantage of every opportunity presented. From offense, defensively on turnovers and on special teams no lacking or Slacking! It is a must to get that extra yard and have a sixth sense for getting into the Endzone against Middle Tennesse State. Hustle real hard! Hustle hustle real hard!

Playbook Unlimited

This will be a game where the overall growth of every offensive player should be on display. If there is a bag of tricks to be used, this is the the game to display it! I expect Harris And Sincere to have multiple exchanges not only from hand offs but dump offs in the flat and in a screen game capacity. This can also be the time to unleash all Tight Ends and display that groups prowess! So expect the full playbook to be at the disposal of the Roadrunners.

No Fly Zone

Last year Middle Tennessee St racked up nearly 400 yards passing in the air against UTSA. That should not and cannot happen if UTSA plans on winning the game this weekend. Although the Roadrunners did get 2 interceptions this is a new quarterback at the helm for the Blue Raiders so you can’t count on repeat mistakes. With this game likely or having the capability of being a shoot out , the secondary has to be on their A-game to improve on the performance from last year and continue the teams upward trajectory. Successfully completing this task makes UTSA an even more formidable opponent for the rest of Conference USA and a Conference championship threat.

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